There are more types of blowjobs than days of the week. Here girls will tell you the different blowjobs that an escort can do. Oral sex is with Himayat Nagar Escorts is one of the most pleasurable practices out there, and both the man who receives fellatio and the woman who performs it know that there are a wide variety of ways and styles on how to carry it out. Factors such as rhythm, use of hands, communication, posture, gaze, whether lubricant is used, or whether or not the male genitalia are caressed, greatly influence.

Best types of blowjobs by an escort

The combination of all these sexual features results in very different sensations and here Himayat Nagar Call Girls will tell you best types of blowjobs that a luxury escort can make you.

The beginner’s escort girl

When you are going to perform a blow job for the first time, it is very likely that you will discover that it is not as simple as you thought. Or no matter how clear you have the theory thanks to everything you have learned through articles, comments and erotic videos, the reality is always different and you will discover that there are factors that influence a lot, such as the size of the penis, but nothing that you do not know can correct with will and passion.

The facial French of Himyat Nagar Call Girls

Many men like to ejaculate on the woman who has performed oral sex on them; Like many Call Girls in Himayat Nagar they like to feel the hot semen running down their face and body. For both of them, it is a very pleasant way to end the blow job.

Complete French

Unlike the facial French, the full French also allows the man to ejaculate, but in this modality he can deposit his semen directly into the escort’s mouth. It is one of the frequently requested services and can be combined with another fetish, called white kiss.

The gourmet French

Possibly, no one knows this practice by this name, but surely you can imagine what it means. In this case, the hard penis is covered in cream, strawberry syrup, chocolate … or flavored lubricants. The purpose is to add a playful touch and leave a better taste in the mouth.

Deep throat

The deep throat is a classic. It is also known as Deep Throat and it is a sexual service that only the most skilled Himayat Nagar Escorts Service master, because in some cases it can cause gagging. It consists of introducing the erect penis to the bottom of the mouth in a repeated way until reaching orgasm.

The slow French

Slow French is fellatio that is performed slowly, so that the escort very slowly introduces his penis into her mouth and, inch by inch, she also plays with her tongue and massages with her hands. It is the combination of Cuban and fellatio. The escort plays with the man’s penis between her breasts while giving him oral sex, licking, sucking and sucking his member. The man is in charge of directing the rhythm.

The pornstar fellatio

It is one of the practices that imitate the scenes of porn movies, where the escort performs an energetic fellatio while combining other techniques typical of porn Star professionals.

The perfect fellatio

You can’t ask you just find it. It is that fellatio where the technique, the rhythm, the movement, the play of lips, tongue and hands is simply perfect. It is the perfect combination of all of the above and if you come across one of them, the best you can do is resist to enjoy it and not ejaculate soon.