How to become a favorite escort client

Escort agencies provide business people with girls for events where they need to be a couple. If an entrepreneur intends to use such services often, he should choose an agency to his liking and communicate with his employees to always serve out of turn, and the best girls are chosen for him.

1) Choosing an Escorts agency in Manikonda Call Girls

Before choosing an escort agency, study its website, see if it has advertising, at least six months ago, reviews. In turn, the agency collects as much information as possible about its clients, so be prepared to answer even random questions. This is how the company takes care of the safety of its employees.

2) Punctuality of Manikonda Escorts Service

If you have an appointment at the agency or already with the Manikonda Escorts with whom you will go to the event, be on time. Don’t be more than 10 minutes late. Being late is annoying, even if you paid for the services at a double rate or think that you compensate for your sluggishness with the pleasure that the girl will receive at the event. If you are late, pay for the waiting time, because these are the agency employee’s working hours.

3) Menu

Find out in advance what is on the menu, if the event is in a restaurant, and order universal dishes of European cuisine for the Manikonda Call Girls accompanying you.

4) Sex and money in Manikonda Agency

Do not rush to discuss the topics of money and sex with the Call Girls in Manikonda, even in the abstract. This is for your safety. Not all agencies and individual employees are engaged in the provision of additional services, intimate. If there is mutual sympathy, kiss the girl, ask her to behave more freely. If she doesn’t mind, then it’s a green light.

If the lady agreed to all your offers, remember, money first, then the rest. If the agency is supposed to pay for these services and the girl gets interested, talk about where you’ll leave the agency representative’s money, often on the bathroom sink.

If you want to pay the Manikonda Escorts Service agency and separately thank the girl for her attention, giving her money, do not call them a service fee, say that this is a gift.

5) Charm

Be nice and charming; treat the girl from the escort agency like a lady with respect. She’s a person, not a beautiful living doll.

You don’t need to impress her; strive to conquer her. This is her job, and for the whole evening rented by you, she will be very nice to you, her working time is the time you bought.

Try to meet the hours you paid for. If you liked the girl and want to continue dating, this should be outside the escort service space.

Do not bother her; do not hug her beyond decency. Not every agency employee wants dirty harassment.

6) Tipping

Always tip escort girls. The fact is important, not the tip’s size, at least two or even ten thousand rubles. Tipping lets the woman know that you like her, that you value her time and effort. Be sure to ask her if she wants to go with you to your next event.

7) Hygiene

If you paid for escort services, this does not mean that we have the right to remain the way we are. Take a shower to avoid the smell of sweat. If you think the girl smells a lot of perfume, ask her to take a shower.

8) Gifts

The agency may not like it, but the Escorts Service in Manikonda you hired will like it if you immediately give her something or offer to drink wine together. Wine brings people closer together, promotes trusting communication.

In this situation, the best gift is a certificate for the purchase of lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics in a store.

9) Further communication

Remember that in front of you is not just a girl, but an employee of the agency, so do not ask her to go somewhere with you for free next time.